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Making sure that your business is going in the right direction will require a few ISO certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and many others for your company in Boardman.

If you are not sure about what standards you need—to begin with—, it is a good option to find assistance even for this simple but crucial task.
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Our experts at IQC The ISO Pros of Oregon can help you with all your ISO needs and goals to ensure you get the certifications you truly need and save time and resources in implementing standards. The main ISO we always recommend starting with is ISO 9001 since it is a primary and international one for quality management.

The document provides requirements to establish a quality management system that focuses on customer satisfaction and ensures that you develop new products and services based on your customers’ needs. For any company, being able to satisfy its clients is one of the greatest achievements, and we are confident you will be able to make it possible by following the document and all its guidelines.

While, in the process, you comply with a large list of mandatory requirements and legal regulations. But what does ISO 9001 have that makes it so important for any company?

The framework is much more precise and compared to establishing the quality management system with not following any regulation, you will notice the difference is more than huge. First, you will not struggle to understand your customers’ needs and there will not be such a need of implementing other standards just to comply with some regulations.

It is basically an all-in-one standard. But keeping in mind how important it is, it is not the only ISO you will need for quality management depending on the type of company you own.

Extra quality management standards for your company

Other quality standards provide specific requirements for some businesses. ISO 13485 is only for medical device manufacturers and companies, and it helps to focus on product safety more than customer satisfaction.

While IATF 16949 is only for automotive organizations that manufacture or provide parts and components to the supply chain of the industry. The difference between a general ISO like ISO 9001 and the previous ones that are specialized in the approach to establish the quality management system and the needs that are being addressed.

But to be able to understand all this, it is necessary to go deeper into each standard and implement them in your company. For this, our experts at IQC The ISO Pros of Oregon give you the option of getting trained in them or leaving the entire task to them so you are able to get certified in no time.

We recommend any of the two options since it is never a bad idea to learn about the ISO standards. But if you want to quick solution, the second one is definitely the one to go.

Just contact us and let us know what your company in Boardman needs.
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IQC The ISO Pros of Oregon can help you implement, train on, consult, and have your company and/or organization certified on the following ISO Certifications:

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